Bank Alfalah Limited Online Banking

What is Alfalah Online Banking?

Bank Alfalah Limited is avail net Banking for Alfalah Bank customer and other, it is good facility and customer Enjoy Real time Online Banking service at any Alfalah Bank Branch.

bank Alfalah

Alfalah Bank is the only bank in Pakistan offering 100% online branch network. Wherever you go around the country, you can access and do deal through your Alfalah bank account from any Alfalah Bank Branch.

  • Deposit Cash for instant credit into the account
  • Withdraw Cash through cheque from any Alfalah Bank Branch
  • Make Balance Enquiry and get Account Statement from any Alfalah Bank Branch
  • Transfer funds from one Alfalah account to any other Alfalah account across the country

Maximize the productivity of your business or financial management with Alfalah Bank’s Online Banking facilities. It is a secure, able and good way to collect your payments faster, correct the timing of increase of funds, and maintain better control over your funds.

What is Mobile Net Banking?

Alfalah net banking on Mobile Internet.

Almost every person use the internet in almost all time, then Alfalah Bank felt that the provide the easy mobile net banking offer for over customer, this offer is very unique because it is time saving offer then every person attached with The Internet usage in Pakistan grew over the years, Alfalah net banking became one of the fastest expanding Internet banking services. Now that mobile phones have become a necessity even for the common man in the country, Alfalah Bank wants to give its customers more power and convenience making their Alfalah account more usable than ever before.

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Alfalah Bank Introducing Internet banking on mobile through the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is yet another effort by Banking Pk to deliver addition & convenience to its customers. To maintain the standards of excellence and provide maximum quality, we are currently offering the following features of Alfalah net banking on Mobile Internet:

  • Pay Anyone
  • Alfalah Credit Card Balance request
  • Mobile Bills
  • Buy repay check
  • Alfalah Bank Account Statement

Register for Alfalah Internet Banking

Alfalah Bank is provide the internet banking offer for the using customer. Bank Alfalah offers you convenience of banking from home or your office because we understand that your time is important. Registration for internet banking is a simple one step process if you have an Alfalah Visa Debit card. For more information, please go through our FAQ section or simply give it a try.


Manage Multiple Accounts

Alfalah Internet Banking enables you to link all your accounts with internet banking so you can manage all your accounts and transfer funds from the account of your choice.

24/7 Account Access

9 to 5 just does not do it anymore. Alfalah Internet Banking now allows you access to your accounts with no time pressure.

Bill Payment

You may set up e-bills for recognized payees, payment sign, and automatic reappear payments. No queues, no waiting, pay utility bills online at your ease. You can even set up payment categories to help manage your bill payments.

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Account Alerts

We can notify you by email each day when certain conditions on your account are met. You set the alert criteria for balance alerts, transaction alerts, debit card alerts, and more.

Email notifications

We can email you a daily statement, let you know when your account balances are too high or too low, and even warn you of failed or poor items on your account.

Transfer Funds

Transfer money within minutes between your own accounts or to your friends and relatives banking with Alfalah. You can also transfer money to a number of other 1-LINK member banks as well. Move money to from your eligible Wood forest accounts. You can create one-time transfers, recurring transfers and future transfers.

Telecom Top-up

Top up your mobile and internet services from anywhere.

And More

Alfalah Internet Banking offers you much more. Sign up and find out.


Make sure to register with an Email Address & Mobile number that you have with us in the Bank’s record. In case of change in your contact details, please visit your nearest Alfalah Bank branch.

Find out more on ‘How to update your contact details’ for using internet banking.

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