Dollar Price simultaneously increase after Nawaz Sharif Disqualification

Islamabad(Friday, July 28, 2017): After the supreme court verdicts about Panama Papers case, The prime Minister Nawaz sharif is no longer on his PM seat. And this has affected the dollar price against Pakistani rupee. The news of Nawaz Sharif steps down as PM after SC’s disqualification verdict have affected the whole stock market in Pakistan.

Now Dolloar have increase from 104 to 109 PKR in a single day by adding 5 dollar in crease in the rate. The supreme court have announced that Nawaz sharif is no longer True and honest for this seat so the financial market have such sudden affected. Today the stock market was in poor situation due to this SC verdict and businessmen stop to sell dollars in Market and the dollar rate increased from 104 to 109 in Pakistan.

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  1. No doubt, this is a temporary change. hope for brighter Pakistan.
    Pakistan needs to eliminate corrupt rules

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