Habib Bank Limited Debit/ATMS Cards

HBL Debit/ATMs Cards

HBL offers 6 unique designs each celebrating Pakistan, backed by MasterCard, Union Pay, or Visa. Apply for your HBL Debit Card and choose from a range of designs. Visa Debit Card is an ATM / Debit card that lets you shop worry-free and cash-free. No bill payments at the end of the month as you make purchases using your own money. You can use your Visa Debit Card almost anywhere in the world wherever you see the Visa symbol. It’s quick and secure and you can use it for purchases big or small.

Type cards                                        Master card

ATM-Cash withdrawal Limit                        PKR 50,000/-

POS Purchase Limit                                       PKR 250,000/-

ATM Funds Transfer Limit                           PKR 150,000/-

Type cards                                                 union pay

ATM-Cash withdrawal Limit                           PKR 30,000/-​

POS Purchase Limit                                            PKR 150,000/-​

ATM Funds Transfer Limit​                               PKR 100,000/-​


The HBL Debit Card empowers you to go beyond cash withdrawal. Swipe the card to pay directly from your HBL account:​

  • Up to 25% discount at leading restaurants and top retail outlets nationwide
  • ​Up to 2% cash back on all retail transactions​
  • Online transactions and purchases​

Avail additional features through HBL ATM and HBL Internet Banking if you are an HBL Debit Cardholder:​​​

  • Transfer funds to HBL accounts or third party accounts under the 1Link network
  • Mobile bills and mobile credit. Service available on Warid, Ufone, Telenor, Mobil ink & Zong​
  • HBL Credit Card bill payment​
  • Account balance inquiries​
  • Mini account statements ​
  • Change ATM PIN

How to Apply for Debit/ATMs cards?

HBL Account holders fill out an Additional Request Form (ARF) and submit it to the home branch

New customers fill out an account opening form and apply for debit card services provided in the Account Opening Form.

 How do I change my ATM PIN?

To change your ATM PIN, visit any HBL ATM, enter your current PIN, select “More Options” and go to “Change PIN.”

How can I shop online?

​Call HBL Phone Banking from an HBL registered mobile/phone number and request for e-commerce activation on your HBL Debit Card. The Phone Banking Officer will ask a few security questions before the activation of this service. ​​

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 Can my HBL Debit Card be used at shops/ATMs abroad?

HBL Debit Card is internationally accepted at retail outlets where MasterCard, Visa or Union Pay cards are accepted. It is also acceptable at all ATMs abroad that carry the MasterCard, Union Pay, Visa or Plus logos. You can view your account details and withdraw cash with the same ATM PIN that is used in your home country

 How can I apply for a card replacement?

You can apply for card replacement by visiting your home branch or calling HBL Phone Banking at 111-111-425.

How to activate HBL Debit/ATM Cards?

How to activate Habib bank Limited debit and ATM cards this is today’s topic for all readers who have ATMs or Debit cards. This is reality TMS and debit card is very useful for bank clients because through debit and ATMs cards you can get money under the limit of bank and yes you can pay also your bill through debt/ATMs card. According to state bank if your account is current then-current account debit and ATMs card limit is 50000 and if your bank account is based on a student account then you can withdraw 25000 per day so through debt/ATMs you can get a lot of benefits that is mentioned above.

  • If you have already an HBL account then apply for debt/ATMs Card
  • Through ATM/debit from you can apply for debit/ATMs card
  • You can also get an activation pin code through the HBL helpline call
  • After ATM/Debit cards application submission you can get ATM/Debit activation pin code through bank
  • Enter your ATMs/Debit cards five number pins and after this step ATM/Debit machine required your CNIC cards details just this

HBL Transfer Money

Sending and receiving money anywhere in Pakistan has never been this easy. Through HBL Express, money can be transferred in over 183 cities in just a matter of a few seconds and to at your own use.

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Money transfer from one account to another

To set up Bank to Bank Transfers log in to your Bank Mutual Online Banking account. After successfully logging in, click on your Bank Mutual checking account. Once on your account screen, click on the boating near the top define Bank to Bank transfers.

There are many ways of transferring money from one bank account to other accounts. There are three major means of transferring money.




Every bank provides these facilities. User interface and limitation/Charges may differ from one bank to another.
Now days Even mobile banking Applications provided by banks can do a lot more than what you imagine.
First, walk into your bank and fill out appropriate forms to get those facilities

NEFT is the Simplest form of Money transfer from one bank to another bank.
Source and destinations accounts should be held on any nationalized/private banks with core banking solutions.
To make any NEFT transaction you need two important pieces of information.  Account number and IFSC Code of the target account. NEFT requests will be processed in batches. For example, if you post a Neft Request, your bank will send them to RBI. RBI will process all requests it received since last Batch.
it operates on morning 7.30 to evening 6.30. Monday to Friday and till 12.30 on Saturday. No NEFT service on All national holidays and Sundays.
If you don’t have access to the internet/mobile banking you can walk into a branch and make a request.
NEFT processes a small amount i.e less than 50000/transaction to one target/day.
It will take 1.30 hours to make a settlement. Depends on your bank.

RTGS is a real-time money settlement. if you want to transfer more than 2L you can use this. but this one can be done only by visiting branch directly.
The payee account will be credited immediately.
It is almost similar to NEFT but minimum payment and how it credits to the destination account differs. you need MICR Code (can be found at the bottom of Check Slips issued by your banker and Account number.

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IMPS is the new payment method. you just need to know the destination account holder’s mobile number and his/her IMPS id (MMID)
you can send money any time anywhere.
Most of the banks allow IMPS and enable users to use this feature.
With IMPS you can send money less than 50K. it is really fast.

  HBL Send Money To Another Country

If you are sending money abroad you don’t want to sit around for days on end waiting for it to be sent and received by different banks in different countries.
Also, you don’t want unexpected delays that can cause major worry. You want to know when your money will visit and be bold that it get there on time.

Because Currency Fair is online, we are fast. You choose which bank accounts you use to send and receive the money and then choose the timeline everything is completely transparent.
If you want to see how fast an international money transfer will be for your chosen countries.

There’s no way to know how much might go missing in the course of an international money transfer. Unexpected fees and an extremely bad exchange rate could cost you hundreds of dollars along the way especially if banks are involved.


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