Allied Bank Limited Of Pakistan(ABL)

History Of  Allied Bank Limited


Allied Bank Limited was the first bank to be fixed in Pakistan.

Banking Pk started out in Lahore with the name of Australasia Bank before freedom in 1942.

Allied Bank became Pakistan in 1974.

In August 2004, the Bank’s ownership was transferred to a combine include Ibrahim Group.  It was renamed as Allied Bank Limited in 2005.

Today, with its fact of over 70 years. Banking Pk has built alone a base with a strong justice. This Bank offers universal banking services while placing major importance on retail banking. Banking Pk has a large network of 1000 online branches in Pakistan with the various technology-based products and services. Allied Bank is a private bank in Pakistan. Allied Bank, with its registered Offices in Karachi and Lahore. This Bank is one of the largest banks. Allied Bank in our country has 1000 branches, connected to an online network.

About us

Banking Pk’s history is divided into many chapters. During 25 years of the United Bank of Pakistan to play good activities in all areas. 1970’s were a difficult decade for all Banks of Pakistan. In 1971 East Pakistan was separate. The  Australasia Bank lost its 50 branches.

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In 1974 all the Banks were associates including Australasia Bank. The small country Banks were combining into Australasia Bank. First July 1974 the new system was renamed as ABL of Pakistan Limited. Then it started its setup as a Public sector financial institution.

In 1970 Allied Bank played an important part of agricultural area loans and other loans. In 1976 Mr. Ajmal replaced Mr. Rizvi as Chief Executive and President. During between time 1974-77, 361 new branches were opened and 230 of these were located in villages and small towns. It also opened its outside branch in London, near Banking Pk of England. In 1980 Banking Pk of England allow Allied Bank identification as a full developed Bank under the U.K. Banking Act.

In 1981, the President was changed. In 1984, again new president was come to know. He tries to increase international business.

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Allied Bank Limited set up by the following Vision, Mission & Values:


Allied Bank Limited providing solutions in order to be the first choice bank for the customers


To provide a good value-and services to the customers.

To provide original solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

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To create feasible value through growth,

To provide a challenging work reward to team members.

Core Values


Excellence in Service

High Performance

Chairman Of Allied Bank limited

Muhammad Naeem Mukhtar Chairman

Muhammad Naeem Mukhtar 

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