NIB Bank of pakistan

History of NIB Bank

NIB Bank

NIB Bank completed ten years of setup in 2013. Banking Pk came into being in October 2003 after two banking institutions combined. The National Development Leasing Corporation (NDLC) and IFIC Bank.

The new bank was named NIB Bank. As NIB Bank is expanding. The Pakistan-based setup of respect Agricole Indosuez was gain in April 2004. In 2007, PICIC private Bank Limited was also received by NIB Bank.

About us

NIB Bank is one of the largest outside banks in Pakistan. It was started in 2003 after the connection of the National Development Leasing Corporation (NDLC) and IFIC Bank. NIB Bank has paid money of PKR 103 billion. Banking Pk has a vision in 52 cities in Pakistan.

NIB Bank have 170 branches that are connected online. NIB Bank has 3,000 employees, and its head office is in the city of Karachi.

NIB Bank’s main business units include market Banking, Commercial Banking, Common and Investment Banking, and bank Services. Banking Pk competes with all other major banks run in Pakistan.

Chief executive

Mr. Atif R. Bokhari is one of the greatest bankers in the country with a different and famous banking career cross over 31 years, Mr. Atif R. Bokhari10 years were spent as President and CEO of United Bank Limited (UBL).

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Mr. Bokhari started his banking career with Bank of America (BOA) in 1985 and after  15 years with BOA, he joined Habib Bank Limited in International Banking. At that time he managed the largest Corporate and Investment Banking case in Pakistan.

In 2004, Mr. Bokhari joined UBL as President and CEO. Under his control Banking Pk show, new heights starting new businesses. During his 10 year old, he increased the bank’s profitability significantly and achieved outstanding growth on both assets and liabilities.

He also served as Chairman / Director in several UBL group companies.
Mr. Bokhari joined NIB Bank in January 2015.

Mr.Atif R.Bokhari