Banking sector Purchase, shares Escaped from recession

Karachi: The pakistan Banking sector Purchase, shares Escaped from recession today.

Public Sector Purchase Programme

Pakistan Institute tuitions Stock Exchange increased profit tacking due to the continuation of the recession that sank on Monday after up and down 14 billion 29 million investors. 39457.95 business KSE-100 index declined 41.14 points at the end, MI All all indexes 1.10 points to 18539.75 after declining while the KSE-30 index rose 6.31 points to 22572.54, the Mi-30 index rising 23.15 points at 69080.10, turnover remained stable at 15% in the 18 million to 62 million shares deal, while business is limited to 386 companies, 163 in negative, low price of 205 and 18 unchanged.

The stock was at one point in the business cycle 42.78 occurred too quickly points but loses due to the decline in international prices of crude oil, the impact of rapid profit tacking pressure in local oil sector and other items were the severity of the downturn and a 245 reached in some points but buying banking stocks in the mid-market business less intensity .

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