MCB Lite Free Charge through Mobile Wallet or VISA card

Now MCB Lite is Free Charge transaction through Mobile Wallet or VISA card to enhance the brand name. MCB Bank has demonetized digital payments and made them absolutely free of bank transactions charges so that you and your inner circle delight the complete benefits of being on the online Mobile Payments Grid minus the concern of paying a charge each time the customers make some payment or admittance their money.

MCB Lite Mobile Wallet

All MCB bank customers only pay a bank annual fee and there are zero bank charges when you make payments and conduct transactions using your Mobile Wallet or VISA card. You can apply for the Mobile Wallet either through mobile phone, or face-to-face and the starter pack will be reached to you shortly thereafter free.

Become A Customer of MCB Lite:

If you want to become A Customer of MCB Lite click here.

How to register for MCB Lite:

To be connected with your own Mobile phone Wallet has never been so easy! It’s as very simple as ordering a pizza in your own city.


STEP 1 :

You can apply for MCB Lite simply through:

Visit any of the Lite Enabled Branches and round out the Application Form. When your data is checked and endorsed, store the passable rushes into your Lite wallet and your relationship pack will be conveyed to you.


Upon effective enrollment and even before you get your relationship to pack you will have the capacity to set your Mobile Wallet Login PIN through a connection that will be imparted to you by means of SMS on your enlisted portable number. This will permit you to get moment access to what is in store for you once your record is dynamic and completely useful.


Click here for an overhauled rundown of Lite Enabled Branches.


What is now left behind,! you simply have to do is call the MCB Call Center and set your Transaction / ATM PIN** for your Lite Card through the IVR and you are ready to transact any time!

** This MCB Lite PIN is used at ATMs and to authenticate transactions built via the Mobile Wallet

Terms And Conditions-Mcb Lite:

Download PDF file of Terms And Conditions-Mcb Lite here.

Useful Links of MCB Lite:

MCB Lite FAQs:

IBFT Guidelines

MCB Lite ATM Locator

Download MCB Lite App (New)

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