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What is Credit Cards of Faysal bank ?

A credit card is a smallest chip that use the money saving and its use is very easily, every person is use it a credit card is a payment card issued to users as a method of payment.

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Faysal bank chip based credit cards open up a world of lifestyle right and financial freedom that allow you to enjoy living life today just the way you want to, the newly designed chip based credit card offers you enhanced security features to protect your information from fake acts.

The chip generates dynamic values for each transaction, providing greater security every time you swipe. Your existing Faysal Credit Card will soon be upgraded to a chip-based credit card or you can choose a card that best suits your lifestyle needs. Become part of the largest credit card family in the country and enjoy unparalleled service and discounts every time you travel, shop or dine out.

What is Faysal Bank VISA Credit Cards?

Welcome to the world of Faysal bank VISA Credit Cards. As an Faysal bank VISA Credit Card member, you can enjoy large benefits and Rights.

What is Faysal Bank Platinum Credit Card?

Welcome to the world of Faysal Bank Platinum. As an Faysal Bank Platinum Credit Card member, you can enjoy the finest right and the utmost level of services coupled with unmatched rewards and benefits.

What is Debit Cards of Faysal Bank?

Enjoy the facility of cashless shopping, great offers, and personalized card designs along with increase security with Axis Bank Debit Cards. Also on select debit cards, get rewarded with eDGE Loyalty Rewards points.


Faysal Bank Credit Card

Faysal Bank Credit Card is Pakistan’s first stylishly designed card with unmatched features. Branded with Master Card and named after it’s unique shape, this card cover the Chip Technology combined with our exquisite Instant Reward restitution program.

Your Faysal Bank Credit Card comes with a wide range of value added services aimed at proving ease and banking at your fingertips.


  • MasterCard Global Reach and Acceptability at more than 24 million establishments in over 210 countries, including thousands of locations in Pakistan
  • Reward Redemption program with over 68 alliance partners and a network of more than 1,000 outlets nationwide
  • Up to 20% dining discounts at the best restaurants in town with our FLAVOURS program
  • Up to 50% Cash Advance from your credit limit at any ATM displaying MASTER CARD,
  • Flexible purchasing options of premium lifestyle products at affordable rates with our Installment Plan
  • Up to 5 supplementary cards for your loved ones, aged 14 and above
  • Instant SMS alert notifications for each transaction conducted on your Faysal Bank Credit Card domestically or internationally
  • Monthly or Daily tracking of your Credit Card transactions delivered via e-mail with our FREE e-statement facility


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