What Is Insurance: Types, Benefits, and Policies Uncovered

Introduction In the world of finance and security, insurance stands as a beacon of safety, promising to safeguard our assets and future against unforeseen calamities. But, what is insurance in simple words? At its core, insurance is a mutual agreement where you pay a small, predictable amount to protect yourself against a potential large loss, … Read more

Is Insurance Haram? Life insurance in the Context of Islam

The Debate Around Insurance in Islamic Communities Assalamu Alaikum, dear readers! Today, we’re here to tackle a subject that has long been the topic of debate within many Muslim households and communities, particularly in Pakistan. Is insurance haram in Islam? This article aims to dissect this complex topic by covering various Islamic perspectives, including Hanafi … Read more

Insurance Policy Of Bank Alfalah Limited

Alfalah Insurance Company Alfalah insurance company is the best opportunity for the customer, it is easy patron to apply for insurance. Alfalah Insurance Company Limited is one of the latest deals of Abu Dhabi Group in Pakistan. Alfalah Insurance started operations towards the end of 2006 and since then we have already established offices in … Read more

United Bank Limited Insurance (UBL)

United bank Limited Insurance United Bank Limited is one of Pakistan’s largest private banks with a thoroughly established banking chain with over 1,300 branches and assets of over PKR 1 trillion.UBL, with the teamwork of Jubilee Life Insurance brings only create products that supply to the protection, savings and investment needs of UBL customers. UBL … Read more

Habib bank Limited Insurance Policy (HBL)

HBL Life Insurance Policy Habib Bank Limited is the largest bank in Pakistan and a thoroughly established banking chain throughout the world.  Its network of 1,425 branches in Pakistan and 55 branches around the world. HBL, with the collaboration of Jubilee Life Insurance, brings exclusively designed products that cater to the protection, savings and investment … Read more

MCB Bank Bancassurance (Life Insurance)

Insurance is needed for the future and everyone wants to save some for a child’s education and marriage. To plan all this the people want to have good savings for a secure future ever. MCB BANK Private Limited is one of the main banks of Pakistan with a client base of more than 4 million … Read more