UBL 6 Simple Steps for ATM Usage with Pictures

Every person how needs to go to the bank and withdraw money each month. Especially the salary persons and the men who do transactions for their small business and any money transfer. The process is very simple but if someone has never used an ATM machine he may get in trouble and with multiple wrong tries that debit card may be trapped in ATM machine that is hard to process back from the bank’s workers.

Note: (The ATM is abbreviation of Automated Teller Machine (cash machine))

All modern ATM machines use these simple steps to get money or cash from the bank but there may be some differences that can be seen in the machine usage guide is mostly displayed in an enclosed room. You can see the machine usage steps from there. We have selected the most famous of Pakistan UBL (United Bank Limited). This bank has displayed its ATMs at various points to help its customers. How can I use UBL ATM card in machine?

You can check UBL 6 Simple Steps for ATM Usage with Pictures here to grab whole process of money transaction from any bank of Pakistan.

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Simple Steps to use UBL ATM card in machine with Pictures?

Step: 01

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Preferably use UBL ATMs when withdrawing cash1st Steps for ATM Usage

Step: 02

Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone2nd Steps for ATM Usage

Step: 03

When using the ATM, cover the pin pad / keypad with your hand when entering the PIN

3rd Steps for ATM Usage

Step: 04

Before entering the PIN check that the ATM pin pad is firmly fixed. If the buttons or the keypad is loose, there is a possibility that it has been tampered with 4th Steps for ATM Usage

Step: 05

Before entering your Debit Card in the ATM, check that the card reader is not loose. If it is loose or not properly fixed, then it could have been tampered with

5th Steps for ATM Usage

Step: 06

If you find anything unusual with any UBL ATM, please report it immediately through the ATM hotline located next to the ATM

6th Steps for ATM Usage

Note: If you have any issues in getting money then you can contact the branch manager for help. 

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