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What is UBL investment banking?

Our award-winning team of Investment Banking is offering union and capital market solutions, project financing, and corporate helping services to the Bank’s corporate client. Our internationally experienced investment banking team can help unify your most challenging financial issues and strategic decisions.


Established in 2002, UBL Investment Banking Group is one of the largest and most experienced investment banking groups in Pakistan. We are the only Pakistani commercial bank with an investment-banking desk in the GCC region. A dedicated specialist team of 19 investment bankers, with diversified students and experience in Pakistan and UAE, has the skills to cater to the needs of the both domestic and regional clients.

With an award-winning team, UBL Investment Banking Group possesses diversified industry experience, exposure to a wide array of landmark transactions, and knowledge of a broad range of products resulting in top-notch deal hit to provide quality investment banking services to its clientele. Our well-established deal execution and distribution experience is evidenced by the successful closure of over 161 debt and equity transactions amounting to USD 14,559 million.


Why do Clients choose us of UBL Bank

Diversified Experience

Professional team of 19 investment bankers with diversified work experience including corporate banking, corporate and project finance, audit, accountancy, credit rating, equity helping, placement and distribution of instruments, research, and financial design. Diversified product palette including project finance advisory, equity, and debt advisory, and business and transaction consultancy services.

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UBL Funds Investment

The smart way to invest in UBL Bank is to share mutual funds managed by UBL asset management company, a wholly owned supplementary of UBL Bank. Currently, we are offering UBL cash funds and UBL income fund from selected branches.

Services offered by UBL Net banking

Managing Investment with UBL Fund Managers made it easy and simple through UBL Net banking. Now UBL Net banking offers the following services to its clients:

Open Online Investment Account with UBL Fund Managers subsequent and additional investments in UBL Fund Managers Schedule following investments Check your Investment Value through UBL Net banking.


What is the UBL Funds e-Account and how one can avail of this facility for investment with UBL Fund Managers?

It is the facility for UBL Account holders to open an Online Investment Account with UBL Fund Managers directly through UBL Net banking without filling out any account opening form.

Opening an E Account is very easy and simple, you just need to log in to your UBL Net banking and go to “Funds Investment” under the ‘My payments’ menu click on “Open e-Account with UBL Fund Managers” and follow the instructions to complete the process.

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Who can use the UBL Funds e-Account facility?

UBL Net banking users having accounts maintained in PKR can avail of this facility. To open the e-Account go to ‘Funds Investment’ under ‘My payments’ menu and click Open e-Account with UBL Funds’ to complete the procedure.

What is the minimum investment requirement for UBL Funds e-Account opening?

Investment can be initiated with as minimum as Rs.500/-. However, every investment scheme has different minimum investment criteria and there is no limit for maximum investment.

How to Apply For Investment

We are always looking to learn about new, innovative models to accept poverty in the regions where we work. If you have a business that meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you. To submit your proposal, please follow the steps below.

Please read our investment criteria and investment principles carefully, as these will answer many of the questions you may have to determine whether Acumen is a good match for your company. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ section. Due to the high volume of applications, unfortunately, we are only able to respond to submissions of interest.


As part of the e-account opening process, UBL Fund Managers will contact you for further verification/details during our business hours. In case your verification remains incomplete at the end of 15 days from the time of e-Account request submission, the request will be marked canceled and the transaction amount shall be reversed, and credited to your bank account. For details please contact: 0800-00026 

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