Alfalah Bank Salary Personal home loans Information

About Alfalah Bank loan system?

The advance is for the most part given at a cost, alluded to as enthusiasm on the obligation, which gives motivation to Banking Pk to utilize the credit. In a legitimate advance, each of these commitments and controls is required by contract, which can likewise put the borrower under an extra check known as advance minimized. In spite of the fact that this article concentrates on money-related credits and any material item that may be loaned. The Alfalah Bank Salary Personal home loans are the most sophisticated and low-interest base loan for your all needs at any level.Alfalah Bank Salary Personal home loans Information

In an advance, the borrower initially gets or acquires a measure of cash, called the foremost, from Banking Pk, and is committed to paying back or reimbursing an equivalent measure of cash to Banking Pk at a later time.

Going about as a supplier of advances is one of the important errands for money-related organizations. For different organizations, issuing of obligation contracts, for example, security is an ordinary wellspring of financing. Find here Alfalah Bank loan complete step-by-step information.

Alfalah bank Salary loan?

Alfalah Bank Salary advance helps you accomplish your objectives. So whether you need to go on an occasion or plan for your child’s training. Alfalah Bank Salary Advance will help you satisfy your money-related necessities and understand your potential. For points of interest please call 111-225-111

Benefits & Features 

  • Competitive and flexible interest rate
  • Large financing facility
  • An advance on a fixed sum over a specified tenure
  • Interest charged is linked to Banking Pk prime lending rate
  • Flexible repayment period for up to 4 year but before retirement
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  1. Open to professionals
  2. The borrower age should not be less than 25 years and not more than 55 years
  3. Monthly installment shall not exceed 40% of employee’s salary
  4. Disbursement of salaries or direct check off from employees or undertaking for a regular monthly standing order for loan installments

Documents Required

To avail ABL Salary Loan please submit the following documents

  • Completed Loan Application form
  • Proof of identity card or passport
  • Evidence of income from the employee, where applicable
  • Salary slips for the last 3 months, where applicable
  • Most recent utility bills CEB/CWA/MT
  • Bank statement for the last six months

 Alfalah Bank Personal Loan?

Alfalah Bank  Personal Loans  From quality education to a large wedding to personal well-being, Alfalah Bank Personal Loan helps you fulfil your financing needs. Get hard cash the easy way with Alfalah Bank  Personal Loan.

Features and benefits

  •     Processing fee on approval only
    •     Repayment term from 12 to 60 months
    •     Loan amount ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2,000,000
    •     24/7 access to Alfalah Bank Phone Banking
    •     Top-up facility available after every 12 months
    •     Free life insurance

Basic Criteria

Clerical individuals whose salaries are being credited to Alfalah Bank.
The applicant should be 21 years or older at the time of loan application and 61 years or less at the time of loan maturity.

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  •     Application Form
    •     Legal Agreement
    •     Verified original copy of CNIC
    •     Verified original copy of Salary Slip
    •     Letter From Employer
    •     Other documents required (According to segment)
    For further information, please call Alfalah Bank Phone Banking at 111-225-111 or visit your nearest Alfalah Bank branch.


Alfalah Bank Limited home loan?

Alfalah Bank Home loan offers financing options to purchase a new house or renovate an existing house. For details regarding available financing options, Call Alfalah Bank Phone Banking at  111-225-111 or contact your nearest Alfalah BankBranch.

Outright Purchase

The outright purchase loan option provides financing for buying a new house.

Home Improvement

Home improvement loan option provides financing for renovating your house.

•     Application Form
•     Legal Agreement
•     Verified original copy of CNIC
•     Verified original copy of Salary Slip
•     Letter From Employer


Alfalah Bank Rates

  Gross Salary < 50k                                 Gross Salary >= 50k

Employee Banking                                        29% – 36% p.a                                                   27% – 33% p.a

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Non-Employee Banking                               31% – 36% p.a                                                    29% – 36% p.a

 How to Apply for Alfalah Bank Loans?

With exciting schemes, easy repayment options, and competitive interest rates, the Standard Chartered Personal Loan is a hassle-free way to fulfill your needs. Easy repayment options and competitive inter

 Apply For Loans:

Simply call 111-225-111 for the Alfalah Bank loans complete information.

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