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History of UBL

In 1963, UBL became the first bank in Pakistan to have a branch overseas- on William Street in London, United Kingdom. True to our promise of providing service and care beyond the ordinary to our customers, UBL and You have had a history.

United Bank Limited

The first saving scheme for school-going children was launched as early as 1960 or the formation of Pakistan’s first Staff College of employees in 1964, UBL, through the motivation of its staff and the trust of its customers, continued to grow at a spectacular pace. In 1967, UBL hit the dawn of information in terms of technology, by introducing computer banking to Pakistan and in 1971, UBL once again paved the way by launching 3 online branches in Karachi.

UBL Credit Cards

Welcome to the world of UBL Credit Cards. Pakistan’s 1st Chip Credit Card guarantees you both enjoyment and high value. It assures you global acceptability in more than 22 million establishments worldwide in 130 countries and in more than 25,000 outlets within Pakistan.

CHIP-based credit cards have globally proven to be the most secure way of conducting credit card transactions. This unique high-tech CHIP guarantees your financial security while conducting transactions on credit cards, both within Pakistan and around the world

Welcome to the world of UBL Credit Cards, the most exciting and vibrant credit card brand in Pakistan. We offer you a range of innovative and exciting cards that is powered by the security of the chip.

UBL Platinum Credit Card is designed to complement your lifestyle with credit limits befitting your stature, accompanied by the highest levels of services, unmatched rewards, and myriad benefits; a symbol of your past successes, your current achievements, and your future ambitions.

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Based on insights into the requirements of our most preferred customers, the UBL Platinum Credit Card comes complete with a comprehensive bundle of benefits built around your needs and expectations

Airport Facilities

  • Free access to UBL Lounge at Domestic and International departure terminals at Karachi Airport
  • Free access to CIP Lounges at Lahore & Islamabad Airports on international travel
  • Complimentary Priority Pass for access to over 600 VIP airport lounges worldwide

UBL PSO Auto Credit Card

Welcome to a whole new world of UBL Credit Cards the most vibrant, innovative, and exciting credit card brand in Pakistan. With the introduction of the UBL PSO Auto Credit Card, there is no limit to what your credit card can do for you.

Amongst its many exciting and unique features, your UBL PSO Credit Card provides access to more than 22 million establishments worldwide including more than 22,000 retail outlets including selected PSO stations within Pakistan, and above 780,000 ATMs for cash withdrawal worldwide.

UBL Visa Silver Credit Card

The UBL Silver Credit Card brings you the convenience and financial flexibility you need. The Silver Card is a truly international Credit Card offering unmatched features and benefits and complete peace of mind.

UBL VISA Gold Credit Card

The UBL Gold Credit Card is specially designed for you, your exclusive lifestyle, and your special needs. As a Gold Credit Card member you enjoy a higher Credit Limit throughout the world.

Available to All UBL Account Holders

UBL offers ATM and Debit Card facilities to all account holders at all UBL branches anywhere in Pakistan.


UBL already has its own network of 700+ ATMs in 90+ cities, which continues to expand by the day. Moreover, UBL Mega Wallet is also part of the 1 Link and VISA networks. These allow you to use your UBL Mega Wallet VISA across Pakistan at more than 3,500 ATMs displaying the 1 Link logo and at more than 1.5 Million ATMs in 150 countries. It is also acceptable on the MNET network of ATMs in Pakistan. Your Mega Wallet VISA Card will also be acceptable on all local VISA-certified machines displaying the VISA Plus sign.

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UBL Debit Card

With UBL Mega Wallet VISA as your debit card, you can shop all you want, eat all you can or fill up your car tank without carrying any cash. Simply use your UBL Mega Wallet VISA for direct debit from your bank account, along with the convenience of using signature-based verification instead of a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

The debit card facility is being offered in association with the Orix and VISA networks, which means that you can use your UBL Mega Wallet VISA to conduct a debit transaction at any outlet in Pakistan that displays the ORIX or VISA logos.

The Orix network offers connectivity at more than 5,000 outlets across the country, whereas your UBL Mega Wallet VISA card is also acceptable at 22 million VISA merchant locations, local and international.

Funds Transfer

UBL Mega Wallet VISA allows three kinds of instant funds transfer through UBL ATMs from your UBL account

  • Into any of your UBL accounts.
  • Into any other UBL account.
  • Into any other participating 1 Link bank (through the new

On confirmation, the amount from the cardholder account is instantly transferred to the beneficiary account.


In addition to the launch of the Internationally VISA-powered UBL Mega Wallet card, we are also proud to announce that our UBL ATMs are now VISA-certified and are geared up to accept all International VISA Debit and Credit cards.

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So great news for UBL Credit cardholders – they can make cash advances through our UBL ATMs as well.

Other Facilities

Virtual Assistant

  • UBL ATMs feature a Virtual Human Assistant, who guides you in conducting your ATM transactions

SMS Alerts

  • Receive SMS alerts on every POS transaction and Fund transfer done through your UBL Mega Wallet Debit Card.

Balance Enquiry

  • Inquire about the availability of funds or simply get a printout of your account balance.

Mini Statement

  • Get a printed statement of your account that shows all recent transactions.
  • Fast Cash
  • Swiftly withdraw your desired amount by selecting from one of the options of listed denominations.

Apply Now

To apply for a UBL Mega Wallet VISA just:

Call UBL’s 24×7 Contact Center at 111-825-888 (UAN).

Visit your nearest UBL branch or

If you already have an account with UBL download the UBL Mega Wallet VISA Application Form. Fill out the form and submit it at your UBL branch.

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