United Bank Limited Money Transfer

What is UBL Transfer Money

In Pakistan Sending Money anyplace has become very easy and straightforward, by exploiting the facility and convenience of Omni. simply visit your near UBL Omni Dukaan.

Sending and receiving money anyplace in West Pakistan has ne’er been this straightforward. Through UBL categorical, Money is transferred in over 183 cities in exactly a matter of many seconds which to at your own use.  United Bank Limited Money Transfer

How UBL Money transfer from one account to another?

To set up Bank to Bank Transfers log in to your Bank Mutual on-line Banking account. when with success work in, click on your Bank Mutual bank account. Once on your account screen, click on the yachting close to the highest outline Bank to Bank transfers. There area unit some ways of transferring money from one checking account to an alternative account. There area unit 3 major means that of transferring Money.




Every bank provides these facilities. programmed and limitation/Charges might take issue from one bank to alternative.
Now a days Even mobile banking Applications provided by banks will do heap quite what you imagine.
First walk into your bank and fill acceptable forms to urge those facilities

NEFT is the Simplest kind of Money transfer from one bank to an alternative bank.
Source and destinations account ought to prevail any nationalized/private banks with core banking resolution.
To make any NEFT dealings you would like 2 vital info. Account range and IFSC Code of the target account. NEFT requests is processed in batch. to Illustrate if you post a Neft Request, your bank can send them to run batted in. run batted in can method all request it received since the last Batch.
it operates on the morning from 7:30 to evening 6:30. Monday to weekday and until twelve.30 on Saturday. No NEFT service on All national holidays and Sundays.
If you don’t have access to internet/mobile banking you’ll be able to walk into a branch and create requests.
NEFT method touch i.e lower than 50000/transaction to at least one target/day.
It will take one.30 hours to create a settlement. Depends up your bank.

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RTGS is a real-time Money settlement. if you would like to transfer quite 2L you’ll be able to use this. However, this one is done solely by visiting the branch directly.
The payee account is attributable like a shot.
It is nearly kind of like NEFT however minimum payment and the way it credits to the destination account differs. you would like MICR Code (can be found in the bottom of Check Slips issued by your banker and Account range.

IMPS – is a new payment technique. you simply ought to apprehend the destination account holders Mobile range and his/her IMPS id (MMID)
you can send Money any time any wherever.
Most of the banks enable IMPS and change user to use this feature.
With IMPS you’ll be able to send Money lower than 50K. it’s extremely quick.

How UBL Money causing method

Visit any UBL Omni Dukaan along with your original CNIC and its copy to initiate the money transfer.
Provide the subsequent details to the UBL Omni Dukaandar that is needed for causing money:
Your CNIC range
– Your mobile range
– town wherever you’re causing Money
– Receiver CNIC range
– Amount
– Receiver mobile range (Optional)

You also have the selection of keeping a disbursal code on your own, otherwise, you will let Omni keep code for you. The disbursal code are employed by the receiver to gather Money from the UBL Omni Dukaan. If you decide on to stay the disbursal code on your own, you may be needed to enter that disbursal code on the agent’s mobile or computer.
UBL Omni Dukaandar can enter the small print on his mobile or computer and raise you for a replica of your CNIC that he can keep for submission to UBL. On winning dealings you may receive an Associate in Nursing SMS from 8257 on the mobile range you provided which can contain the five digit disbursal code for this dealings and a dealings ID. it’s important that you simply offer your own mobile range as:
– The disbursal code can solely be sent on the mobile range
– The disbursal code are needed by the receiver to gather the funds

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UBL Omni Dukaandar will get in a written dealings receipt containing all the dealings details. Please keep this slip safe till the receiver has with success collected the funds. Communicate the five-digit disbursal code you received on your mobile to the receiver.

How the UBL Money Receiving method?

The receiver will visit any UBL Omni Dukaan to gather funds by presenting the following:
– Own (Receiver) CNIC
– Copy of own (Receiver) CNIC
– five-digit disbursal code (necessary)
UBL Omni Dukaandar can verify the receiver’s CNIC copy with the initial and initiate the dealings. On winning execution of the dealings, a confirmation SMS is shipped to the money sender. UBL Omni Dukaandar can get in the dealings slip and money to the receiver.
UBL vital Note

A receipt is provided for all Omni transactions. Please ensure to gather your receipt from the Dukaandar whenever you conduct dealings.

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