How to avail Instant Cash Back with JS Bank Credit Cards

instant cash back with js bank credit cards in pakistan

In today’s busy world, it’s important to keep an eye on your money. As things get more expensive, saving money is a big goal for many people. Luckily, JS Credit Cards can help make everyday spending easier. Whether you are buying food, filling up your car, paying for school, or handling bills, you can get instant cashback to save some cash. Let’s explore how JS Credit Cards can make spending smarter and more fun.

If you are struggling with various expenses? JS Credit Cards has got you covered, Whether it’s groceries, fuel, school fees, utility bills, or travel plans, enjoy instant cashback on your transactions and lighten the load on your wallet.

Apply Now for Instant Savings

Tired of credit cards that only offer discounts at places you rarely visit? Say goodbye to that frustration. JS Credit Cards are here to tackle your real spending challenges. With our instant cashback offers and discounts on everyday expenses, your financial burdens are set to ease.

Fuel Your Journey with Savings

  • Get 5% instant cashback on every fuel purchase.

Bill Payments Made Rewarding

  • Receive 20% instant cashback on all bill payments.

Invest in Education, Reap Rewards

  • Enjoy 10% instant cashback on all education-related transactions.

Grocery Shopping Just Got Better

  • Benefit from 1% instant cashback on every grocery purchase.

Travel Rewards Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What categories are included in the campaign?
    • The campaign covers fuel, bills, education, grocery, and travel (coming soon).
  • When can customers start availing the cashback/discount?
    • Customers can start availing the offers immediately upon receiving their JS Credit Card.
  • What is the cashback percentage for each category?
    • Fuel: 5%, Bills: 20%, Education: 10%, Grocery: 1%, Travel: Coming soon.
  • How often can transactions be made for cashback?
    • There is no daily limit, but the monthly cap depends on your card variant.
  • What are the cashback limits?
    • Customers can enjoy cashback up to their card’s monthly capped amount. For fuel, there’s a per transaction cap of 5% or PKR 300, whichever is lower. Cashback caps vary by card variant per calendar month.
  • Is it a discount or cashback?
    • The campaign offers instant cashback on your transactions.
  • How can I avail the cashback?
    • Simply use your JS Credit Card for eligible transactions, and the cashback will be automatically applied.
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