What is IBAN Number of Meezan Bank Limited

What is IBAN Number of Meezan Bank Limited

What is IBAN Number of Meezan Bank?

Meezan Bank is renowned as the leading Islamic bank in Pakistan. By concentrating on meeting the financial requirements of its clients and strictly following Islamic guidelines, it has earned a reputation as a dependable institution in the banking industry. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the Meezan Bank IBAN number

of Meezan Bank in Pakistan and shed light on the significance of the IBAN in today’s global banking system.

What is the Meezan Bank IBAN?

The Meezan Bank IBAN International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders. Meezabankd designed to facilitate automatic processing of money transfers and to improve the accuracy and efficiency of international payments.

Structure of Meezan Bank IBAN in Pakistan

The IBAN for Meezan Bank in Pakistan consists of 24 alphanumeric characters:

  • Country Code: The first two letters represent the country code for Pakistan, which is ‘PK’.
  • Check Digits: The next two numbers are check digits that validate the IBAN.
  • Bank Code: The following four letters represent Meezan Bank’s specific code.
  • Account Number: The remaining 16 characters consist of the individual’s unique bank account number.

An example of an IBAN for Meezan Bank in Pakistan would look like this: PK12 MEEZ 0001 2345 6789 0123.

Usage of IBAN in Meezan Bank Transactions

Having an IBAN simplifies the process of making both domestic and international transactions. Here is how:

  • Enhanced Accuracy

The standardized format of the IBAN minimizes the risk of transcription errors, making transactions more reliable and efficient.

  • Facilitates International Transactions

By providing a clear and concise account identification that is recognized globally, the IBAN streamlines cross-border payments, ensuring that they are processed quickly.

  • Compliance with Regulations

Using the IBAN ensures compliance with international banking regulations, reflecting Meezan Bank’s commitment to adherence to legal and ethical standards.

How to Obtain Your Meezan Bank IBAN in Pakistan?

If you are a customer of Meezan Bank, you can obtain your IBAN by:

  1. Visiting a Branch: Simply walk into any Meezan Bank branch and ask for your IBAN.
  2. Online Banking: Log in to your online banking account where your IBAN is usually displayed.
  3. Customer Service: Call Meezan Bank’s customer service helpline and follow the instructions.


Meezan Bank’s adoption of the IBAN system in Pakistan reflects its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. By embracing this globally recognized standard, the bank is ensuring that its customers enjoy a seamless and secure banking experience. By using Meezan Bank IBAN online you will get your desired code easily.

Understanding and utilizing the IBAN system not only streamlines your banking transactions but also aligns you with international banking practices. Meezan Bank continues to be at the forefront of Islamic banking in Pakistan, providing services that are not only Shariah-compliant but also at par with global banking standards.

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