Friday , October 22 2021

MCB Rupee Travellers Cheque (Safe Cash)

Now MCB Bank has been at the forefront of providing it’s customers with new and innovative product and monetary instruments that area unit safe, secure and profitable. The travellers cheques Pakistan is very good facility for the cash travelers in very safe way all over Pakistan.  Now you can Buy MCB Rupee Traveler’s Cheques from any of the assigned branches in Pakistan. MCB Bank Pakistan Rupee Travellers Cheque free caash Travel

MCB Rupee Traveler’s Cheques were initial introduced in 1993 as safe money for traveling and travel connected functions. the merchandise has been very standard and is most well-liked over money by customers whereas travel and all told walks of life. You may easily know how do travelers cheques work in Pakistan.

MCB Bank Pakisan Rupee Traveler’s Cheques- The safest thanks to Carry money all over Pakistan.

Rupee Traveler’s Cheques Features:

  • Easily available: obtain them from any of the selected branches in Asian country.
  • As good as cash: MCB RTCs area unit safe to hold and may be used with none inconvenience specially by Travelers.
  • Well encashed: At any selected MCB Bank branch.
  • Easily refunded: just in case of loss or stealing, you’ll get the complete quantity back.
  • Exclusive security features: attributable to special printing and safety precautions, Cheques can’t be duplicated.
  • Denominations: offered in denominations of Rs a thousand, Rs 5000, Rupee 10,000.
  • Validity: ten years from the date of purchase.
  • Customer Service Facility all over Pakistan: (021) 111-000-123.
  • More than 900 MCB Bank approved branches area unit commerce and buying Cheques everywhere Asian country.

MCB Rupee Travellers Cheque is best and easy solution of Safe Cash carry for business purposes.