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What is NIB Bank Investment?

Our award winning team of Investment Banking is offering union and capital market solutions, project financing and corporate helping services to the Bank’s corporate client. Our internationally experienced investment banking team can help unify your most challenging financial issues and strategic decisions.

NIB Bank

Having executed transactions with major blue-chip organizations, spread across several industries in Pakistan, we have gained an extensive understanding of the local regulatory environment. Our strong relationships with key decision-makers and regulators ensure unparalleled execution excellence.

Our Investment services team will assist you in managing your wealth with a broad set of financial solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you are first-time investor or an experienced one, we will help you reach your financial goals.

Mutual Funds

The smart way to invest NIB Bank is share mutual funds managed by PICIC asset management company, a wholly owned supplementary of NIB Bank. Currently, we are offering PICIC cash fund and PICIC income fund from selected branches.

PICIC Cash Fund

  • Idea for risk-negative investors.
  • Mainly invests in low-risk portfolios of short duration to provide competitive returns.
  • No lock-in period, invest and repay at any time at the applicable Net Asset Value.
  • Amazing Tax benefits for salaried and self-employed individuals.
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PICIC Income Funds

  • This fund is suitable for investors seeking better returns with a calculated risk.
  • A lock-in period, invest and redeem at any time at the applicable Net Asset Value.
  • Multiple Payment options to meet individual objectives.

Corporate and Investment NIB banking

Investment Banking comprises debt union and capital markets, project finance, and advisory desks. Our award-winning team of Investment Banking offers syndications and capital market solutions, project financing, and corporate helping services to the Bank’s corporate clientele.

It is responsible for maintaining and adding to the Bank’s asset portfolio which primarily includes corporate & institutional lending along with the provision of other additional services to its corporate clientele including Corporate Finance Products, Commodity Financing, Project Financing, Corporate Advisory, Cash Management, keep and Trade Financing etc.

What Saving and Term Deposits of NIB Bank

Your Savings packed into a bed will never grow. But money deposited in a Savings Account or in a fixed term, works for you by earning interest and is also a lot safer. The longer that saving stays in your account, the more you’ll make out of it.

Saving Accounts give you the ability to earn profit along with the flexibility to withdraw funds whenever you require offsetting a financial emergency or need. The profit is earned as per the mechanics of Saving Accounts which are mostly based on the Minimum Deposit maintained in the account.

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How to Apply For NIB Investment Banking

We are always looking to learn about new, innovative models for accepting poverty in the regions where we work. If you have a business that meets our investment criteria, we want to hear from you. To submit your proposal, please follow the steps below.

Please read our investment criteria and investment principles carefully, as these will answer many of the questions you may have to determine whether Acumen is a good match for your company. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ section. Due to the high volume of applications, unfortunately, we are only able to respond to submissions of interest.

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