What is swift Code of Allied Bank Limited?

Understanding SWIFT Code of Allied Bank – Your Simple Guide

Hello, friends! Today we’ll discuss something important to anyone sending or receiving international money transfers – the SWIFT code. Let’s specifically understand the SWIFT code of Allied Bank. So find What is swift Code of Allied Bank Limited? What is swift Code of Allied Bank Limited

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT code is a unique identifier for each bank that is used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international transfers. Allied Bank Limited (ABL), one of Pakistan’s leading banks, is known for its technological advancements and efficient services. The ABL Swift Code plays a significant role in international banking transactions, enabling quick and secure transfers.
A Swift Code is an internationally recognized code used by banks to identify specific financial institutions. For Allied Bank, this code is referred to as ‘Abpapkka.’ It allows for the proper channeling of funds to and from foreign banks.

Customers who wish to find the Allied Bank branch Swift code list can easily locate it on the bank’s official website. The list provides the specific Swift codes for branches across various cities including Karachi and Islamabad. This ensures that international transactions are directed to the right branch, making the process even more seamless.

The Allied Bank Swift Code for Islamabad, for instance, is tailor-made to identify transactions directed to this region. Similarly, the Allied Bank Swift Code for Karachi targets the branch network in Pakistan’s economic hub. These unique identifiers enable Allied Bank to efficiently process international transactions without errors.

Interestingly, the concept of an Allied Bank Swift Code Generator is an innovative digital approach to make this information even more accessible. By simply inputting the branch or city, customers can get the exact Swift Code, reducing the chances of any mistakes in transactions.

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Moreover, ABPA Bank, a common abbreviation for Allied Bank Pakistan, reflects the brand’s local roots and global reach. The ‘Abpapkka’ Swift code represents the integration of traditional banking with modern-day digital facilities.
The ABL Swift Code system, including Allied Bank’s Swift Code Generator and specific codes for cities like Islamabad and Karachi, has redefined the way international transactions are handled. Whether you refer to it as ABPA Bank or by its Swift Code ‘Abpapkka,’ Allied Bank continues to pioneer in providing state-of-the-art banking services that connect Pakistan with the world.


Understanding the SWIFT Code of Allied Bank

The SWIFT Code for Allied Bank is ABPAPKKA.

Breaking Down the Allied Bank SWIFT Code

Here’s what each part of the ‘ABPAPKKA‘ SWIFT code stands for:

SWIFT Code SegmentMeaning
ABPABank code for Allied Bank
PKCountry code for Pakistan
KALocation code for Karachi, where the bank is located


Using the Allied Bank SWIFT Code

When you’re sending money to an account in Allied Bank from overseas, you’ll need this SWIFT code. Just input ‘ABPAPKKA‘ in the appropriate field during the transfer process.

Whether you’re in the bustling city of Lahore or the economic hub of Karachi, the Allied Bank SWIFT code remains the same – ‘ABPAPKKA’. No matter if your account is based in Lahore, Karachi, or any other city, this universal SWIFT code is what you will use for all your international banking transactions with Allied Bank.

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While the SWIFT code is the same across all branches, the individual branch codes for Allied Bank branches throughout Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad, are different. These branch codes are specific to each branch’s location and are generally used for local banking transactions within Pakistan. Remember, though, for international transactions, the SWIFT code ‘ABPAPKKA’ is your go-to identifier.

You might come across tools online claiming to be an ‘Allied Bank SWIFT code generator‘, but there’s no need for this. Regardless of whether your branch is in Bahawalpur or any other city, the SWIFT code for Allied Bank remains the same. For any international transaction with Allied Bank, ‘ABPAPKKA’ is the only SWIFT code you’ll need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if I enter the SWIFT code incorrectly?

A: An incorrect SWIFT code can lead to delayed or failed transactions. Always double-check the code before making a transfer.

Q: Can I use the SWIFT code for local transactions?

A: Typically, SWIFT codes are only needed for international transfers.

Q: Where can I find the SWIFT code if I forget it?

A: You can always refer back to this article, ask your bank, or find it on the bank’s official website.

Q: How do I find my Allied Bank SWIFT code?

A: The SWIFT code for Allied Bank is ‘ABPAPKKA’. You can also find it on the Allied Bank’s official website, on your bank statement, or by asking at your local branch.

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Q: What is SWIFT of Allied Bank?

A: The SWIFT code of Allied Bank is ‘ABPAPKKA’. This unique code identifies Allied Bank for international transactions.

Q: Is SWIFT code same for all branches?

A: Yes, the SWIFT code ‘ABPAPKKA’ is the same for all branches of Allied Bank in Pakistan. However, in some larger banks with numerous branches worldwide, different branches may have different SWIFT codes.

Q: How can I know SWIFT code of my bank account?

A: The SWIFT code is associated with the bank, not individual accounts. To find the SWIFT code for your bank, check your bank’s website or your bank statement, or ask at your local branch. For Allied Bank, the SWIFT code is ‘ABPAPKKA’.

After learning about “What is swift Code of Allied Bank Limited?”, you’re ready to make international transactions with Allied Bank Limited, smoothly and confidently!

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