MCB Student Personal Loan in Pakistan

MCB Student Personal Loan has been designed to offering fiscal money assistance to all students that are studying under Higher Education Programs in Pakistan.

Thistime MCB Bank has constituted a business partnership with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) that is now offering Student Personal Loans to only MBA and Executive MBA studying University students. MCB Bank Pakistan Personal Student Loan scheme is to only facilitate and enhance the Pakistani young generation talent for future inventions. The further may be revised to facilitate the other big instructions. The student loan Pakistan for higher study is Pakistan and study abroad is highly facilitated by MCB bank for international student loan for Pakistani with easy and good terms. So why not to avail this International Student Loans & Financial Aid with ease and get high study for your future.

MCB Student Personal Loan Scheme review:

 (student loan Pakistan)How to Apply for Personal Loans MCB Bank Pakistan

Age required for MCB Student Personal Loan:

The age required for MCB Student Personal Loan is Minimum 21 years and the upper limit is maximum 45 years for the first time of loan for first loan approval for the students.

Criteria for MCB ایم سی بی بینک Student Loans:

The loan for educational activities of students will be met if the following credential are to be provides at the time of application submissions.

Nationality of Pakistan.

  • Must got 50% marks (or equivalent) in the previous public examination (i.e. other than education admission tests, e.g. GMAT, LMAT,  SAT’s etc.) The same must be confirmed by LUMS in writing.
  • Student should have valid admission of the institute and must have supplied admission acceptance to LUMS University. Finalized University Admission Confirmation must be delivered by LUMS written statement.
  • For the Maximum 80:20 of only Admission, Tuition, Registration, On-Campus Residence, and any early part/head/item of the fees that is account payable in advance by the student to LUMS.

Furthermore, the MCB Student Personal Loan shall not cover any amount that is Able to be refunded to the student afterwards.

MCB Student Personal Loan Amount:

The Maximum PKR 1 million (10 Lac rupee) only can be provided for MCB Student Personal Loan to the students. This is a big amount for student loan Pakistan with good terms having low interest rates.

KIBOR Linked Loan:

MCB Student Personal Loans:





All customersStandard OfferKIBOR( 6 months) + 2%Re-priced at every calendar 6 months.

How to Apply for MCB Student Personal Loan in Pakistan:

Fill in the form and get the the contact for personal mobile talk to customer service for betters guidlines.

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FAQs – Former NIB Bank Consumer Facilities

Customers of Former NIB Bank Limited (Important Note):

Please note that all consumer lending products under Formerly NIB Bank Limited have merged with and into MCB Bank Limited.
All terms and states of your pertinent office will keep on being in-drive with no difference.  The purpose of contact and reimbursement of offices is likewise the same. If there should be an occurrence of any change, you will get a composed letter ahead of time to the impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I approach MCB Bank to get any further information on my facility of Former NIB Bank?

* You may reach us through NIB (MCB) Call Center at (021-111-642-111)

* In addition, we have 7 dedicated Customer Walk-in Centers that you can call for more information.

  • Lahore : 042-35987908
  • Islamabad: 051-8444351
  • Karachi: 021-34307896
  • Multan: 061-4517099
  • Hyderabad: 022-2731245
  • Gujranwala: 055-3841602 
  • Rawalpindi: 051-8315033

* I already taken loan from Former NIB Bank; What to do no?
Your advance office will proceed with MCB Bank on an unaltered reason for the present. Any change, if required will be imparted to you in future.

* Will I continue to make NIB Bank loan 2020 payments at the previous address?
Yes, you can keep on making Former NIB Bank Loan installments on a similar address/account number related with your loaning office, till the time more data/change is not conveyed to you.